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Litho Printing

From bible paper to thick carton boards, fluorescents through to metallics our experience delivers the perfect environment for your printed job.

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Digital Printing

Our Indigo machine uses ink rather than toner, replicating far closer the look of traditional litho printing. It also offers opportunities not available to litho such as printing white inks.

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Special Processes

Whether it be advising on the best material from which to make a die, what types of foil will work best on your chosen material or combining process together, we can help.

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Our in house finishing team understands the level of care and attention that you demand making sure your finished item will look exactly as you and your client envisaged.

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Who are we?

We strongly believe that good print is about so much more than putting ink on paper, the combination of a good design with the right input and advice can lift the end result to a higher level. Whether it be printing on new materials or combining unusual finishes we are always up for a challenge and happy to push the production boundaries. We don't just take the specification we are given and generate a quote. We get involved in projects looking at early stage visuals making suggestions to improve the end result. Quality and reliability always come first but with the right knowledge and information we can also ensure that budgets are met.

Where are we?

Dayfold is located on the south coast of the UK just off the A31 near Ringwood, with easy access from Bournemouth, Poole & Southampton. We serve the whole of the UK, Jersey & Guernsey with many of our customer based in London.

You can get hold of us between 9am & 5pm Monday to Friday although we're generally around much earlier and later than that!

27 Black Moor Road,
Verwood, Dorset.
BH31 6BE.

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01202 812208
07721 432418

Print Knowledge

Spots and Layers

​This article will cover the way to create artwork for print special effects like spot uv, foils & cutters so that they can be identified and output correctly.

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Prepare artwork for print

​It's all too easy to overlook things in this tight deadline world that we live in. Unfortunately this can lead to either a printed result that doesn't match your expectations or delays while artwork is corrected, images resupplied etc.

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InDesign preflight for print

​Did you know InDesign CS4 and newer have a great tool for checking that your artwork conforms to certain parameters continuously as you design it?

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Create print ready PDFs from InDesign

​As more artwork is being supplied as PDF it's becoming increasingly important to make sure your settings are going to create the file in a way that produces the correct results.

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Artwork document size when using cutter guides

​When you are going to be cutting out your print job with a cutting form you need to make sure your artwork page size is set up correctly so that it can accurately be positioned and cut out.

Download Artwork document size when using cutter guides

Uploading files

​We've installed an onsite system to accept all files being supplied to Dayfold. This system should be used instead of all other third-party system for large file delivery such as You-Send-It, DropBox etc.

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